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I am very pleased with my personal growth. With the exception of the slamming the door, that was me releasing my anger to the universe and I would have been ok if she didn't follow me. At this point my anger is moment to moment. I get angry for a minute and get over it and then move on with my life. And I realize that I'm much happier this way. I'm not moody over something so trivial as roommate disagreements anymore. And when I used to get mad I would hold on to that anger for hours- possibly days depending on what it is. Now I'm just done. I'm over it and this makes me happy like you wouldn't even believe.

I can finally say- I love my life. I am getting a great education (thanks to my awesome parents), and have gotten one for years- again thanks to them, I have great friends, a wonderful boyfriend and because of my complete attitude adjustment this is going really well (which is also why the adjustment was needed). I worked on things that needed work and they've changed and when I fell behind in my classes I worked to catch up (which I am ALL caught up now! YAY!) AND I'M NOT PREGNANT AND NO BABIES ARE COMING!!!! Sometimes I think I lose sight of all that I have and I need to work on remembering where I am and all that I have. I am very happy with my life- despite the bad parts.

I also came to another realization tonight. My International Organizational Behavior class isn't just about International cultures, it's about your own personal culture and ethics, Your values/beliefs and WHY you think the way you think/do what you do. Your underlying assumptions. And while I was arguing with Britni tonight I realized that we are SO different- contrary to my thoughts last semester when I thought we were similar in thinking. And I applied what I learned in class to tonight- I love it when that happens. I could see where she was coming from but I didn't feel like she saw or understood what I was saying, like everything is only her way. But because of my values and beliefs and her values and beliefs we just completely clash. And while I feel like the way we've been living is fine- she's usually here and I'm always busy and in and out- but she said when we are here together it's tense, which I didn't feel. I kind of just focused on my work, I don't care. I dunno, it's late and I'm rambling, WHATEVA! 

Bored Stiff

I'm so bored in Computer class... I should be doing my project right now, but... I don't feel like it. I have three pages so far, I need to find out when his mom (George Harrison's) bought him his first guitar, how much it was and blah blah blah... If anybody knows, please tell me... I USED to know, but where does that get me now right? *sigh*
I forgot to mention... at guitar on Tuesday, I met this chick who is almost exactly like me. We both really like the same things. I was drawing on my arm, and she says "Way to draw on yourself" and I started laughing at her, and we got to talking about George Harrison and how much his son looks like him, (she says she has first dibs to marry him), and he's like... 24-ish? I don't know. But it was fun. She's a sophmore too... So yeah, I spent the half hour, that I usually wait for Bobby to get out of his lesson for my turn, talking to her. And then the piano teacher came out (no, I don't take from this one), and she was saying how hott George and Dhani (the son) is. And we were all talking about how George was always the best Beatle and blah blah blah. And we talked about what kind of books we liked. She like the Mediator series, and she started reading the Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging books, but she didn't like how Georgia kept talking about how big her nose was... Oh well. And shen read the Princess Diaries books, CASSIE-BEANIE! They came out with book number 5!
Spanish sucked, History sucked, lunch was... hmmmm... ok, Geometry sucked, and computers is sucking. I have Lit next... I get to watch dogs being beatten... Fun right? I like to watch people die (hey, at least I can admitt it), but seeing dogs getting beat is the worst thing ever. I can't stand that. And Mr. Fritz just sits there and watches... I can't stand it. So I've been reading my book. It's really good too. It's by Laurell K. Hamilton, but it isn't an Anita Blake book. I lost The Killing Dance somewhere at my house, so I can't move on in the series. Which really sucks. *sigh* No more reading about Jean-Claudy man. Oh well. Anyways, HE NICKED HER! Ok, I'm finished. More of project to do. Bye... until later. Erm... probably at four.


I forgot to talk about lunch today... I switched my table. I sit with Max, Moser, Eric, Joey D. (aka, Hello Joe), Patty-man and umm... the people who sit at the other end don't really matter. And I watched them play card games... It wasn't too bad of a lunch. They treat me better than Nick does. Finished.


My parents are home... Oh what fun. They haven't bitched at me yet... Wonder when that will take place. Probably not while Ronnie's here. They're leaving tomorrow morning. Diane and Bean should be here tomorrow night. *sigh* I refuse to share my room with Elisa. I have to go and hide all my shit and start my laundry. I'll probably be up late tonight anyways though... I have to finish Geometry homework.


Uuuuugh... I'm so tired. And bored. Everyone stayed after school today... except me. ... Yayness... I don't feel like sitting here on the computer... doing. Absolutely. Nothing.


Some freshman are looking at pictures of women on the internet and putting those pictures as their backrounds. Guys are sick creature... well a lot of them are. With the exception of a few. Yeah, they have bikini's on but you know the poses...
*shrugs* Whatever. Boys will be boys. I'm sort of hungry...
I bought M&M's today at lunch and it's without their colors and stuff... and everytime I eat these I think "I wonder if a really racist person will only eat one color or the other, and then throw the rest of them out..."
Can anybody answer me?! Does anybody have a really racist friend that they can ask? I asked Nick (because he's racist... but he's also a pig so...)- his answer was "No, I'd eat them all." Again- he's a pig though. HUMPH. lol. Anyways. He and I got along 'ok' at lunch today.
Geometry wasn't bad, Di substituted. I had a quiz in Spanglish, it was ok. Not hard, not necessarily easy. I think I may have gotten a few mixed up. *shrugs* I don't know. I didn't know the answers, so I just guessed at what I thought would be the best answer... and then when we were handing up the tests to the front, I asked Ben (who sits behind me), what he got for numbers so and so (the numbers I couldn't get... obvisouly!), and we had the same thing... No, I didn't cheat. We just HAPPENED to have the same answers! Hahahaha! lol. Anyways...
*sigh* I'm so tired. Shit. I need to get some of my Bio project done. BYE! (I'll be home and online at four.)


Just random songs that I'd like to keep around... don't mind this post...

Honey Pie (Beatles cover)
Stormy Weather
Cecelia Ann (Or Celia Ann, I'm not sure)
I'm Amazed (one of my personal faves)
Monkeys in Heaven (I think that's what it's called)
Is She Weird? (The first one I downloaded and my all-time favorite)
I Bleed
Debaser (Another one of my all-time faves)
Broken Face

I'm at school

I'm at school right now and we just finished our damned project. It sucks. Oh well. I hate Di's class.... Uuungh. Ummm.... I have nothing more to say. Our project looks... ok. I think I'm going to take the bus home... right? Joe's... UGH! NO DON'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (He's calling Stacy now and um.... Yeah) He's giving me a ride home, YES! lol. YAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYA

Computer Class Once Again

So far, the day is a downer. I hate M with a passion... *shrugs* Yeah, it's half my fault, but half of her fucking fault as well! I almost fell into Brianne while walking to this class, and then walking to second period, I thought I had stopped walking for a minute, because I don't know... my mind told me I had stopped walking, and I asked Joe if I had and he said "No." And then he laughed at me! THAT SUCKER... Anyways... I taste blood but I have no idea where it's coming from... My throat? *shrugs* I don't know. I don't think my mouth is bleeding at all... Oh well.
"This is me not caring"- my new favorite phrase.
I've been saying that to everything lately. Well... not everything. There are certain things I care about. No, I won't name them...
I have a headache and I'm tired as all hell. I have Andrew Bernardin's band's CD. And I'm listening to it now... they're pretty good. I stole it from Dave... lol. Maybe I'll burn it then give it back. Ok. Well I'm going to read this thing for Lit... BYE!


Cassie told me I didn't update enough. Well I'm sorry... XP. I just don't feel like it a lot of the time. So here I am... updating. Nothing to update ABOUT. For the past three days, I've sat down here and done... N O T H I N G. I've stared at this screen for numerous hours. I was on here until 2-something last night. And then I went to bed maybe a half hour later. Got up this morning to see the Veterans Stadium implosion. Very interesting. It was great, everybody in the house was up and watching it. Then we all went back to bed. All... umm.... *counts on fingers* 8 of us. lol. Right. Plus the dog and cats. That's all 11 of us were sitting in the family room watching it go down. Someone screamed "FUCK YOU" into the camera... *srugs* Whatever. The after it was all finished... we were like "OK! Goin' to bed! See you all again in a couple of hours!" lol FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!

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